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A Work in Progress

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In response to the Portal Plan in Senate Bill 03-336, Senate Bill 04-244 (C.R.S. § 24-37.7-101 et seq.) was passed and signed to create the Statewide Internet Portal Authority.  SIPA was charged to create an efficient, effective, and user-friendly statewide internet portal to serve as a place where citizens can electronically access state government information, products, and services, as well as provide e-Government services to state and local governments.  SIPA is a government entity.

  About Colorado Interactive

Colorado Interactive (CI) is the team

behind the official website of the state of Colorado and is overseen by the Statewide Internet Portal Authority.  The portal operates through a public-private partnership between the state and CI to help Colorado government entities web-enable their services.  CI builds, operates, maintains, and markets and is part of the digital government firm, NIC (Nasdaq: EGOV).

About SIPA

Established in 2004 by the Colorado General Assembly, the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) is a self-funded government organization created to be Colorado's single most comprehensive delivery channel for electronic government (eGovernment) services.  SIPA strives to accelerate the adoption of efficient and effective eGovernment services by placing more online to benefit Colorado residents.  In addition to no-cost websites, payment processing and event registration setup, SIPA provides SaaS technology solutions, consulting and cyber security assessments.

SIPA (Statewide Internet Portal Authority) Web Site.

SIPA provides innovative technology solutions for state and local governments, special districts, K-12 and public universities.

SIPA is able to utilize the power of the Portal at no cost.  SIPA was created, by Colorado Statute, to develop and oversee the portal, and to provide efficient technology solutions for governments.

Now our County offices will be in control of design, information, etc.

Saguache County’s new Website recently went live in April, 2021.  The Clerk and Recorder’s Website went live in March, 2019.

This change is a work in progress.  For example, with regards to the Clerk’s Office, the Commissioner Minutes were previously posted under “Administration” on the old site.  A decision was made to now post them on the Clerk and Recorder’s Website.  Those minutes were not transferred to our site during the Web transition; therefore, only current BOCC minutes are available. 

We are offering a “work-around” for that particular issue, which is a ScanDoc link on our Website.  This is free to the public.  By clicking on the link, you will have access to Public ScanDoc Projects.  (Commissioner Minutes, back to 1995, have been scanned here.)  This program is a Windows-based product and only Windows-based computers can run this program.  Unfortunately, Apple and Mac users are unable to use this program. 

The link will go directly to the search page and the user will have to:

  • Select “Minutes” in the Select Project box in the top right-hand corner of your browser.
  • From there you can adjust your search criteria by date or type within “Minutes” in the left-hand boxes.
    • If you select the “date” tab, it will put the minutes into order by date.
    • If you would like to view all the minutes, you can hit the blue “search” button as long as the date and type fields are blank.
  • Users will also be able to print and export the images at no cost to the customer (no fee charge).

If you experience any issues when navigating through this process, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  Staff is ready to help walk you through it.


Keep in mind, there are also two public workstations in our office for use by customers at no charge.  You might also visit your local library for use of a Windows-based computer.