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Clips From the Clerk




Land Records Fraud Detect


We recently applied for an ERTB Grant in the amount of $51,303 to update the Recording Public Workstations, Recording Software Maintenance Fees, Document Management System, annual WEB Hosting services and updating the server and security.


This will also cover funds for an integrated Recording Property Alert Notification package for land records.

  • Property Fraud Alert is an electronic notification service that alerts a subscriber via email every time a land records document is recorded with a requested name.

These scams involve:

  • Vacant Land that is being sold by non-owners.   The fraudsters are looking for vacant land that is free and clear
  • Fraudster typically wants a cash transaction and a quick close
  • The seller states they are out of state and had a notary in that state notarize document
  • Seller Communicates by text or email





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