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Election Watchers

What is an Election Watcher?

An Election Watcher is an eligible voter who has been appointed by an authorized appointing entity to witness and verify the conduct of an election.

Land Records Fraud Detect

We recently applied for an ERTB Grant in the amount of $51,303 to update the Recording Public Workstations, Recording Software Maintenance Fees, Document Management System, annual WEB Hosting services and updating the server and security.

Redistricting Continued . . . Timing

Customary Redistricting Timelines

Ordinarily, the United States Census Bureau releases final census population data by March 31st of the year after each decennial census.  That release date permits:


Generally: The “one person, one vote” principle generally requires legislative districts at most levels of government to contain roughly equal populations.  Since population growth occurs unevenly over time and by location, existing federal, state and local legislative districts must be reviewed at least every ten years, to establish new district boundaries based on current population data as re